Theme Nights

The theme is only limited to your imagination, but here are a few suggestions:

Comic book heroes:  Everyone would love to have a Desperate Dan cow pie, or a ‘Little Eric’ banana split.

Curry night:  Choose from our range of home made curries, or choose our tasting menu.  Comes complete with pickles, naan bread and Poppadoms

Steak night:  Treat your guests to one of our locally sourced 8oz sirloin steaks.  Comes complete with grilled tomato, mushrooms and onion rings.  Why not choose one of our sauces to complement your meal; creamy garlic, blue cheese or peppercorn

Movie night:  Choose your favourite move, and we will provide the food inspired by this

Murder mystery night:  Sit down to a nice meal, while you try to figure out who the murderer is!!!

Cheese and wine party:  We provide a selection of local cheeses, biscuits and crackers along with a selection of wines from around the world as well as some from the UK.

1980’s theme:  The decade of leg warmers, shell suits and big hair.  Why not have a party to celebrate this wonderful decade and let us take care of the food?